The Earth Awakens by Marilyn Barry

previously The Awakening Princess

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Published by Inner Way Productions.
Paperback - 300 pages
£10.00 / US$20.00

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ISBN: 9780953081196

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An inspiring true story about planetary awakening spanning over 3000 years. Time-travel, angels, fairies, ETs, spiritual masters and the mysteries of ancient Egypt combine in this inter-dimensional journey through time.

Exploring life after death and the inner dimensions of the psyche, this book encourages us to deepen our relationship with nature and our beloved planet whose destiny we share.

Described by its readers as enchanting, magical, and full of love, joy and humour, The Earth Awakens celebrates both the visible and invisible world we inhabit.

Readers' comments about The Earth Awakens (previously The Awakening Princess)

"My heart jumps with joy! Just beautiful. So full of humour..."

"Better than The Celestine Prophecy - it contains many more insights."

"What a joy it is! I just got swept up in the wondrous beauty of the writing, the story, and ended with a revealation, feeling blessed and enchanted by it all."

"Both powerful and delicate, this book will change the way you look at yourself and the world."

"... a delight to read as well as a learning experience. In it I found new hope for the planet as I shared the author's amazing spiritual adventure. Her illustrations are marvellous."

"Exciting and inspiring. This book is so important, it should be translated into different languages. Thank you for having the courage to write this book."

"Marilyn is a wonderful writer. I thoroughly recommend her book 'The Earth Awakens'. It is a rich autobiography of inner and outer experience that she wrote when she was studying Psychosynthesis."

About the Author and the Artist

Before moving to Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland, Marilyn Barry was a school teacher in London, and has a degree in art and education. She has undertaken over 40 years of esoteric studies, meditation and inner work, and wrote The Earth Awakens when studying Psychosynthesis with Vivian King in Southern California.

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